Team 6D



Bertrand Cadilhac (Director) has 15 years of corporate experience in innovative companies such as LinkedIn, Cisco, Dell and Compuware. He has worked with the largest accounts from EY to Google, HSBC, Salesforce etc, making sure to keep the client satisfied.

Bertrand is a creative mind with a talent to turn ideas into reality.

In parallel to a successful corporate career, Bertrand has created a series of artistic projects from visual media installations in Singapore and Thailand, to stand up comedy shows in Australia, UK and the US. He wrote, produced and directed short and feature films. His first theatre play was a critical success and has been staged 120 times (and counting).

Bertrand has dual nationality French and Australian, he has been based in London since 2010.



Mitchell Harris (Chief Creative Officer) is a very gifted millennial who combines creative genius with technical expertise.

At the age of 11 he started playing with sound editing, thrilled to create new compositions out of existing recordings. He then learnt video editing by himself, and at the age of 16 was approached to produce and edit a variety of corporate films across the UK and internationally.

He graduated from prestigious Queen Mary, University of London, but notably started editing professional feature films during his studies.

Mitchell always seems to be one step ahead, predicting and leveraging future trends, but also knows how to enjoy the present, playing trumpet for orchestras, jazz ensembles and a new, emerging band, Born Stranger.